Erlebnisse - Boise, Idaho & McCall, Idaho Photography Services
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Erlebnisse (n.) – the experiences, both positive and negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which, we truly live; not mere experiences, but Experiences.

Documentary Photography

Hello, Friend! My name is Jessie.  I’m an educator, traveler, and lover of happiness and adventure. Visually documenting life has been an indulgence of mine since my first black and white film photography class in junior high.

For me, photography is a way to fearlessly document the beauty, bravery, and hope I see reflected in the world.

If I’m not teaching beautiful little third grade souls, or ferociously editing photos, you can find me reading, practicing yoga, drinking fizzy water, and eating pizza.
Mostly, I love adventuring and traveling with the love of my life and very best friend.

Let’s talk life! I’d love to hear more about the special light within you and your very special upcoming Experience.  Start by saying hello!

Jessie Spurgeon
Boise & McCall, Idaho

I delight in capturing perfectly ordinary, and yet entirely extraordinary, moments by;

Being grateful.

Living bravely.

Loving unconditionally.

Celebrating Experiences.

My deepest intention is to create a visual storyline of raw emotions, fine details, and priceless moments. Stories are connections to the love, passion, and happiness that is your life.

Wedding & Engagements

This is the day of your dreams.  The first day, of the rest of your life.  Document every smile, every tear, every bit of laughter and love on your beautiful wedding day!  This Experience is one you will want to remember for the rest of your life.


Get attention on LinkedIn. Update your business profile. Turn your professional portrait into a little piece of you. Be the circle you always wanted to be in this world filled with squares.


How do you celebrate life? Maybe simple coffee dates with the love of your life, holiday family get-togethers, or your daughter’s first dance recital? Perhaps your business’s big launch, sunset hikes, family BBQs or game nights… Let’s document them together.

Stylized Shoots

Everyone has a dream.  A chic Bohemian bedroom, running off to Neverland, your little prince living with the Wild Things, a yoga session with a cozy blanket in the snow, your little girl turning into a princess for a day…it’s all possible…

Family & Couples

Family is the foundation of the love and support in our lives. Capture those perfectly ordinary, and yet entirely extraordinary, moments of which you are truly living!

Marketing & Special Events

You have a vision.  You created your company for a reason and a very specific purpose. Let your passion come to life through documentary images and your ideal clients will come knocking at your door.

Hello, Friend!

creating custom packages designed for your specific desires